Wednesday 10 February 2010

Purple and pink...

It seems I'm not the only one who has developed the need for glasses.  Last Wednesday, I went for my first eye test and came out with a prescription for not one, but two pairs of glasses!  One pair for reading or sewing and one pair for driving!  They were ready for collection on Friday and I have worn them... maybe twice! 

I chose a 'youthful' purple pair for reading (youthful, being the lady in the opticians choice of word!) and a more restrained tortoiseshell pair for driving!  No2 said it was typical for me to choose purple!


On a completely unrelated note, but one I feel the need to share, I bought this divine pink hellebore at my local garden centre on Saturday.  There was 30% off all plants so I had the perfect excuse to buy one.

I used to have several hellebores in my garden but over the years they have disappeared.  I am planning to plant this one in a pot so I can position outside my back door where I can see it in all it's wintry splendour.


  1. I have night driving glasses now too. The optician generously offered to prescribe me sewing glasses too but I politely declined - for now my arms are still just about long enough ;-)

  2. I'm off to the optician next week!

    And hellebores are amongst my favourite plants.

  3. ooh love the hellebore, and the glasses are indeed youthful xoxo

  4. It would seem my arms have shrunk since I turned 40 as I can't really believe my eyesight has deteriorated.
    My hellebores are just budding - I love them too
    Chris x

  5. Those purple specs are chic and lovely. I'm thinking my peepers need looking at too pretty soon - I keep straining and squinting - not good with such tiny makes.

    Hellebores - they're in my top three favourites. Yours is beautiful - I've not seen one in such a delicate pink before. I love a bargain.

  6. You have purple glasses too!! We can be identical twins when we meet in March - I bet they look fab on you.

  7. Your first eye test! Looking forward to seeing your new specs. Must remember to bring something with tiny print to yarn shop next week...! K x

  8. Welcome to the world of glasses!! I've worn glasses since I was 6 so I think you're really lucky to have gone for so long without any!!Oh, and you can never go wrong with purple! x

  9. Very Nana Mouskouri!

  10. I love hellebores too - so beautiful.



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