Saturday, 30 January 2010

Deep breaths...

Deep breaths were needed to put cutter to fabric in order to cut my carefully-pieced modified bento box squares into four.

This mosaic is a photo of each square before being cut up.  I had got my maths wrong, somehow, and I needed 20 pieces, so I had to make another 4 to add on the bottom of the quilt to make it up to my preferred size.  I like how every square is different.

Here they all are cut and trimmed, ready for laying out on my living room floor to make the top.  There are a couple of mistakes, but I'm confident they'll never be noticed.

So this is how it looks all sewn together randomly.  I like it!

This quilt top has actually been finished for some time since I last posted about it.  I was averaging four squares a day and so it was done within a week of finding a bit of time here and there.  I'm now waiting for the backing to arrive which is giving me time to complete the hand-quilting on Harry's quilt.



  1. I love your modified bento box quilt, what a great idea! I'm definitely going to give this a go. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Kelly :-)

  2. The bento box quilt is simply amazing! And your stitching on Harry's quilt is so perfect. K x

  3. so gorgeous...

    I'm going to the post office tomorrow....!

  4. oooh it looks gorgeous Tracy, those modified blocks are fantastic, although I wouldn't relish all those extra seams to match personally......... and that hand quilting, just lovely xxx

  5. I think we can crown you the quilt queen!

    That's lovely...

  6. It's gorgeous! I do so love your use of colour - brave and bold and very beautiful.

  7. Wow this quilt is gorgeously vibrant.

    I loved reading your last post about Number 19. What a huge amount of history was there for you. I hope the new house move is going well x


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