Friday, 8 January 2010

Spring in winter...

I always love to buy spring flowers as soon as the New Year is out of the way.  These tiny tete-a-tete are doing a lovely job of brightening up my kitchen.  I used the pussy willow I had from my Christmas flowers as supports for them as they were almost top heavy and falling over.

At only 99p a pot, my kitchen has a welcome splash of yellow at either end with these ones in my windowsill herb planters and the ones in the top photo on the fireplace.  It's looking like we're in for another wintry few days, so this added shot of colour is just the thing.


  1. I very nearly bought some myself today; my own pots are far from flowering and currently looking very cold and sorry for themselves in the garden. I have indoor paperwhites nearly ready to go but they're still a week or two away.

    It's currently hard to believe spring will come, but it will!

  2. oh how lovely to see a splash of bright colour, everything is so white......... oxoxoxx

  3. I try not to buy spring flowers before Christmas but as soon as it's over I too like to get them to brighten my day. I love tete e tete, they make me smile.


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