Wednesday, 13 January 2010

By the skin of my teeth...

On Monday evening I settled down in the warmth of my living room with a delicious skein of Noro Silk Garden to do some knitting.  I can't remember the last time I knitted something, crochet has taken over for a while.  I bought this skein ages ago so I could make some wristwarmers, like the ones Diana made, to go with my scarf.

I printed out the pattern, only to find that I didn't have the right size DPN's, so I perused another pattern book I had for a similar style and even knitted a tension square (something I have never done!) to make sure it would work out with the one skein I had.

It worked but only by the skin of my teeth! I really didn't want to have to buy another skein as it would make them rather pricey for what they really are.  This is how much yarn I had left over:

Probably not more than 16 inches!  I made a note of the pattern as I went along so am wondering if it constitutes as mine now and if so, can I post it as a tutorial?  Any thoughts? 

I love the fact that they are different colours - sure to get some comments about odd gloves...

Tomorrow, I'm going on a jolly outing to meet with a lovely friend...  I can't wait!


  1. I wish I had a pair of those wristwarmers! You wont be able to do much with the leftover wool will you!!! I hope you enjoy your day out with your friend tomorrow. x

  2. Oooh that was close. I actually had to borrow some yarn from Jo the other day to seam up a hat, as I cut it rather too close!

    And I love the mismatched look. Makes me think of Camper shoes!

    Really looking forward to tomorrow. K x

  3. They are like the mitts I made for my sister in law - I love the way thay look mismatched too. I also only just had enough yarn. Enjoy your day out tomorrow.

  4. really did finish those by the "skein" of your teeth!! Haha! They are lovely.

  5. They look beautiful Tracy, and I do love the mismatched look. Thank you for the link! And have a great time with Kristina...say hi from me!

  6. Very nice. I can't get the hang of knitting - only crocheting. I think I'm a just a sewer at heart.

  7. Your odd gloves made me smile - I'm a great fan of odd socks.

    This all reminds me of when my younger two were very small I would have to bundle them up in the double buggy to walk their big sister to her infant school - one very wintry morning I could only find one green and one blue padder (soft shoe) for Nick to wear with his snow suit in the front seat. Better than nothing, I put them on him only to have a comment from another mum asking me if I knew he had odd shoes on - my 'harassed mother of 3 under 5yo, struggling with post-natal depression' reply was the sharp retort 'Be bloody thankful he has shoes on!!!!'

    Happy Days!


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